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Episode 1: Alien Invaders from Planet Earth

Sometimes danger comes in small packages. Sometimes those small packages grow up to be giant freakin’ toads that eat everything and squirt poison! No, it’s not a grade-b late night movie; it is real life for southern states. If you have pets, you need to know how to identify a Bufo toad, where these scary critters came from, and what to do if your dog or cat catches one. It could save your pet’s life!

Read more about pets and the bufo toad on Dr. Rumore’s Blog.

Here’s the link we mentioned to the University of Florida’s guide to identifying Bufo Toads and the recommendations for how to humanely dispatch them.

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Listen to:  Episode 1: Alien Invaders- the Cane Toad

Woof woof and Meow!

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