Episode 13: Why Your Pet Is Eating Grass

Dog Eating GrassSome dogs and cats seem almost obsessive about eating grass. John and Dr, Rumore discuss why, whether you need to worry about it, and how to slow them down if your pets love of lawn salad is getting too excessive.

If you are trying to add some fiber to your pet’s diet, dogs tend to like canned green beans, carrots (fresh, frozen and canned), romaine leaves, or apples. Avoid garlic and onions, as they can cause anemia is dogs and cats.

We talk a fair amount about herbicides and cancer risks in dogs. If you want more information:

Here is the link to the Purdue study that shows the bladder cancer risk with herbicides and Scotties.

Here is the link to an article about the herbicide 24D and cancer in dogs.

Here is the link to the response from the manufacturer of 24D, refuting the cancer study.

The ASPCA Poison Control Center has much information about which plants in your house and yard may be toxic.

Cat Eating Grass

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