Episode 15: The Reality of Food Allergies and the Big Pet Food Scare

DogFoodAllergiesFood allergies do exist, and can cause significant discomfort for some pets. Pet foods have vastly oversimplified pet itchiness, often making everything related to grains in foods. Grain allergies do exist, but are much less common than allergies to meats. Which meat depends on the individually pet, and also has no relation to the quality of the meat. If your dog is allergic to chicken, he or she is allergic to all-organic human-grade* chicken breast as well.

* see Episode 8 to learn what this term really means.

Fleas on a Dog

When dogs have fleas, they tend to itch here.

Dogs with food allergies tend to itch here

Dogs with food allergies tend to itch here

Also remember, not all itchiness is food allergies. Allergies to pollens and other things in the environment are common, as well as fleas or other parasites, such as ear mites.


Cats with fleas tend to itch and get scabs here.


Cats that have food allergies can itch anywhere

Dr. Rumore and John go into depth about the big pet food recall scare of 2007, which was related to melamine put into wheat gluten. We also speak briefly about why some people have to avoid wheat gluten as well.

Hydrolyzed diets can be used to help with food allergies as well. These diets “cut up” the protein molecules so that antibodies and the pet’s immune system can not react to them.

The Kangaroo Diet made by Eukanuba was mentioned.

The Pet’s in the News segment talked about a study showing that limited ingredient pet foods are often contaminated with other ingredients  and how this can make treating food allergies very frustrating.

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