Episode 17: Drug Reactions, The News, and It May NOT be Hip Dysplasia

MicrophoneDr. Rumore gets interviewed, and blatantly taken out of context, when interviewed by his local news station. The issue involved dru reactions and Trifexis, and just goes to show how what you read online, or see on television, may not be the whole truth.

Update: WFLA has edited their original story online, and removed the out-of context quote. Thanks!!

Here’s the story.

John also asks about the trifecta, which is a bet in horseracing, and not a heartworm preventative.

John and Dr. Rumore also discuss hip dysplasia, and the tings that can look very similar. We all think of arthirits in the hips of big dogs, but  90% of cats over the age of 12 have arthritis.  They also discuss how long term aspirin use may make arthritis worse, but Chondroiton and Glucosamine can help. Stem cell therapy and hip replacements can help as well, but are much more expensive.

Using pill guns to give pills to cats was mentioned, as well as thyroid disease in Dr. Rumore’s cat Scully, and how cat’s may maintain their muscle mass by purring.

They also discussed the placebo effect, and how it makes testimonials a bad way to judge supplements.

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