Episode 12: Goopy Eyes, and Why Half of All Microchips are Useless

No Visine for PetsWhat it means when your pet has goopy eyes, and what you can do at home, and when you need to get to veterinarian as soon as possible. Things never to use- contact lens cleaner, Visine, ClearEyes or similar in your pet’s eyes. We talk about entropion and ectropion, both are disorders of the eyelids. We also discuss Keratoconjuctiva Sicca (dry eye) and how to properly treat Cherry Eyes.

Some pictures of eyes are coming- if injured eyes gross you out, you have been warned!

Entropion (Thanks Wikipedia!) The eyelashes are rubbing on the eyeball, causing the eye to turn blue and brown with irritation.

Ectropion in a Cocker Spaniel (thanks Wikipedia). The eyelids are drooping too low, preventing this dog from blinking properly.

Cherry Eye- Don’t Cut that Off! The tear gland of the third eyelid is inflamed and prolapsed.

Dr. Rumore’s wife finds a lost beagle, and the importance of microchips, and registering them, is highlighted. If you need to find out which company maintains your pet’s microchip registry, you can look it here.

Microchip and Rice Grain- From How Stuff Works

John changes his name from John Siposawardwinningtalkjournalist to Johnny Edge, or maybe Shannon. We also discuss how to say “shmushed up face” in latin (brachiocephalic).

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Episode 8: Terrible Food Labels, Knee Replacements and 3-D Printers

Dr. Rumore and John talk about how completely pathetic pet food labels are, and how you can be easily fooled into paying extra money for empty words. Some of useless words include:

Pet Food Label Trickery

Premium,” “Holistic,” “Human-Grade“: These have no actual meaning, and can legally be put on ANY pet food

Natural“: means not synthetic, it does NOT mean organic. Synthetic vitamins are still allowed with this label.

with” and “flavored“: can mean a small, or even minuscule amount

100%“: means 95%

Grain-Free“; is only important for a very few pets. Most pets with food allergies are allergic to a type of meat, not a type of grain

Made in the USA“: can still be made of foreign ingredients, as long as they were mixed together in the United States

Real Meat“: organ meat (by-products) are a much more natural source of nutrition for pets than white chicken breast. “Meat” is important because it appeals to a pet’s owner, not because it is better for the pet

Order of Ingredients: is commonly tampered with by using dried products or components.

Dr. Rumore and John also discuss how 3-D printers may change the way we treat our pet’s joints, and how this makes getting pet insurance a good idea


Useless Pet Food Label Words Useless Pet Food Label Words


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Listen to Episode 8: Terrible Food Labels, Knees and 3-D Printers